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Top tips for separating parents

Posted on 16th February 2022 in Family Law

Top tips for separating parents

If you’re thinking about separating, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and seek legal advice as early as possible so you know what your options are. Sorting finances, living arrangements, children and other things can feel overwhelming, but a good solicitor will be able to give you practical advice so that you can take it one step at a time.


Top 10 tips for separating parents

When separating there are various aspects to consider, including when and how to tell your children. In previous articles we have looked at how to support children when going through a divorce, but here are our top 10 tips for separating parents:

  1. Plan to tell your children together that you are separating – explain in age appropriate terms what is happening, agree the script and don’t deviate from it.
  2. Keep channels of communication open – decide how best you will continue to communicate with one another, WhatsApp, DM, email etc.
  3. Your children need to spend time with each parent – look at how this will work best for the children and for you. Think about how you will manage the time when the children are not with you.
  4. Agree the arrangements – think about whether you need to write them down, have calendars on the fridge, use an app, whatever works for you both,
  5. Remind your children frequently that you both love them - you are all on this emotional journey together, there will be bumps along the way, but you will get over them.
  6. Be flexible – arrangements sometimes need to change and you may need to go with the flow.
  7. Remember that you are now co-parenting - this is something that you need to do together even though you are no longer in a relationship you are both still parents with all the responsibilities of parenting apart.
  8. If there is an issue don’t raise it in front of the children – save it for when you can talk together as adults on your own.
  9. Listen to your children - children can experience physical, psychological and emotional responses to separation. As parents you need to reduce any stress caused through separation.
  10. Think carefully before introducing a new partner - talk to the other parent about the best way to make the introduction to the children.


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