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Waiting times for ambulances increases further

Posted on 10th June 2022 in Medical Negligence

Posted by

Michelle Beckett

Associate and Solicitor
Waiting times for ambulances increases further

An investigation by The Liberal Democrats has revealed that ambulance response time targets are being missed in every part of Devon.

Category one calls cover the most serious incidents such as a cardiac arrest or heavy bleeding and should be responded to within an average of seven minutes, yet the figures show average waiting times have climbed in recent years, meaning the target for life-threatening calls is now being missed in all of Devon’s districts.

Category two calls, which include emergency incidents such as strokes or severe burns, are also not being met and the average waiting time in the county has more than doubled over the past year to 49 minutes, soaring its target of 19 minutes.


Following our previous insight, Associate and Solicitor Michelle Beckett comments on the updated news, "This headline is sadly not surprising and is extremely concerning for the people who require emergency care.  This is a situation that seems to be continually worsening leaving critically vulnerable patients at risk."

"Whilst the NHS is undoubtedly under an extreme amount of pressure, it is hoped that this investigation will prompt the government to focus on ensuring that ambulances are able to respond to these time crucial situations within the target times."


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