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What is a holiday licence agreement?

Posted on 23rd October 2014 in Parks

What is a holiday licence agreement?

A written holiday licence agreement is an essential tool for park owners to protect their businesses.


What does a holiday licence agreement include?

A written contract will contain the terms upon which the caravan owner is entitled to station their caravan on the park. These terms could include payment of the pitch fee and other charges, a requirement to insure the caravan and how and when the agreement will come to an end.


What if you don't have a holiday licence agreement?

Where a park owner has no written contract with their caravan owners they may have difficulty protecting their business when a dispute arises.

If a park owner is unable to provide evidence of the oral terms and conditions agreed it is likely a court would rule against them. This could potentially cause a park owner difficulties in requiring a caravan owner to make payment of the pitch fee, utility bills and commission.


How can a holiday licence agreement help a park owner?

Where there is a written contract detailing the terms agreed a park owner will have better prospects of succeeding in any dispute than they would if there was an oral contract.

All BH&HPA members should consider using the standard BH&HPA Licence Agreement which has been drafted in compliance with relevant legislation so as to assist park owners in meeting their legal obligations.


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