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Family Law

Adoption & Special Guardianship

We understand that adopting a child is likely to be an emotional time for everyone involved. We’re here to help you through it, whether you’re a birth-parent or adopter.

What adoption means

When a child is adopted, the relationship between the birth parents and the child finishes and the relationship between the adopters and child is cemented. A child can only be placed for adoption with the parent(s) consent or if the child is under a placement order - it’s important that consent is given unconditionally and with the full understanding of what is involved. Parental responsibility is passed to the adopters instead of the birth parents and sometimes the child’s name is changed to reflect this.

In any decision related to adoption, the child’s welfare is always the most important consideration.

How we can help

Our family law solicitors are experienced at supporting people who are involved with the adoption process. We can help you if you are:

We’ll look through your application and advise you if anything can be improved, as well as drafting relevant Court papers and representing you at Court hearings.

Special Guardianship Order

A Special Guardianship Order goes further than a Child Arrangements Order in that a carer under special guardianship may have parental responsibility excluding all others, but it doesn’t extinguish parental responsibility as with adoption. This is an order giving all day to day decisions about the child’s upbringing to the special guardian. It is imagined that this will be the appropriate order where a long-term placement is secured for a child with another family member. 

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