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Later Life Planning

Deputyship & Court of Protection

If you end up in the horrible situation of not being able to make decisions for yourself because of not having the capacity to do so, but there isn’t an attorney in place, it can be really difficult. 

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What is the Court of Protection?

The Court of Protection is the legal group which is there to protect people who can’t make decisions for themselves because they don’t have the capacity to do so. The Court has the power to assign somebody (a ‘Deputy’) to look after someone’s financial or health needs, or both.

Trusted Court of Protection Specialists

For many years, we’ve been giving advice on making applications to the Court of Protection for Deputyships. We know that understanding all the Court processes and timescales can be tricky and we do our best to make the whole thing as smooth and straightforward for you as possible.

The Court can approve applications to use your resources for tax planning purposes, or to put a new Will in place for you, where doing so would be in your best interests. If you want any advice on this, or to consider an application, we can help.

We completely understand the impact that losing your ability to make decisions for yourself can have. We’ll get to know your world inside out so that we can guide you and your family through the Court of Protection process in a sensitive way.

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We advise on:

  • Applications to the Court of Protection
  • Deputyship applications
  • The role of a Deputy and their powers and duties
  • Statutory Will applications

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