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Medical Negligence

Surgery Negligence Claims

Recovering from surgery is hard enough but this is made all the more difficult if there has been a surgical mistake such that the outcome of the surgery is not as expected or the recovery time is much longer and more complicated.

If this has happened to you or a loved one then our team of experienced specialist medical negligence specialists at Tozers are here to help you.

Understandably we are often anxious about surgery and put our trust in the surgeon and medical team. Whilst the majority of surgical procedures are performed to a high standard and provide the expected benefit mistakes do happen. Not all mistakes, however, amount to negligent surgical treatment, only those where the care provided fell below a reasonable standard and injury was caused as a result.

If you have suffered from surgical error then our team will be able to support you, advise as to whether you have grounds for a legal claim and guide you through the litigation process.


Types of surgical errors

Surgical error can occur as a result of:

  • failure to provide an adequate explanation of the risks of any surgical procedure such that a patient is unable to provide informed consent
  • performing an inappropriate or unnecessary procedure
  • poor surgical technique
  • failure to provide adequate follow-up advice and care.

Surgical errors can arise through mismanagement during an operation carried out under a general or local anaesthetic, open or key hole surgery, dental surgery and cosmetic surgery. Errors can be made by anaesthetists, nursing staff, doctors or surgeons. Negligence can occur as a result of incompetence, negligent oversight, a temporary lapse in concentration or genuine mistake. Irrespective of the reason, we understand that the impact on you can be life-changing.


Loss from surgical errors

If you or a member of your family has suffered from surgical error then we know that you may have to face further surgery to repair the mistake, perhaps also experiencing psychological distress, permanent physical injury and associated financial losses.

Although compensation will not right the wrong caused it can make daily life more manageable by giving you funding for:

  • rehabilitation costs
  • travelling expenses
  • lost earnings
  • further surgery
  • aids and appliances
  • additional care.

If you think that you have suffered because of surgical error then you are entitled to know what went wrong – and to seek financial compensation not only for your pain and suffering but also for your past and future losses and expenses.


How we can help

With many years’ experience, we’ll guide you through the whole process. We’ll get to know what matters to you and will:

  • listen to your concerns
  • consider the medical records
  • assess whether treatment is likely to have been substandard
  • gather evidence in relation to your past and future care needs.

We’ve successfully secured compensation for many clients so you can trust that we have the experience to get the best possible outcome for you.


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