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Do you need solicitor to form a shareholders’ agreement?


A shareholders’ agreement is one of the most important documents of a company.

Therefore, it should be formed in a bespoke manner for your company and drafted by an experienced commercial lawyer or legal professional. Most companies will look to have a bespoke shareholders’ agreement, reflecting their company and addressing its particular circumstances.


What is a shareholders’ agreement?

A suitable shareholders’ agreement regulates the relationship between the shareholders and sets out clear guidelines for how important decisions are to be made. For example, what will happen if one party wishes to sell their shares, how deadlock situations are to be managed and what levels of dividend shareholders can expect to receive.

Shareholders’ agreements can also offer protection to the company itself going forward by including restrictions on shareholders who leave the business preventing them from starting a similar business nearby or working for a similar company and potentially having a negative affect on the company they are leaving behind.


Why choose Tozers?

We can offer advice at any stage in the lifecycle of your business on the most relevant and important aspects to you at that time. We also understand that in situations where your fellow shareholders are members of your family or your friends it can be uncomfortable to introduce the idea of a formal agreement. We will work with you in a sensitive and sensible way, giving you the comfort that in the event of a dispute or when you are in a position to realise your investment, it will be clear what should happen.

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