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How much do solicitors charge for buying a business?


There is no precise fee or charge for buying a business, as it comes down to the complexities of the transaction, the size of the business, and many other intricacies.

A well-regarded corporate lawyer will be able to draft an estimate bespoke to you and your proposed transaction.


How is a business purchase structured?

Sales and purchases are usually structured in one of two ways:

  • Asset sales and purchases – the assets of the business, often including property, goodwill and equipment, are sold and employees and intellectual property rights are transferred;
  • Share sales and purchases – the shares of the company are bought and sold and the business and assets remain in the same ownership.

Buying or selling a business can be an intense process and we can help guide you through the steps required including reviewing the information passing between the parties and minimising risks to you as far as possible.


Why choose Tozers?

We know that for you, the most important thing is ‘getting the deal done’ and our team will be behind you utilising their extensive experience and knowledge to progress matters for you in a pragmatic and commercial way.

Our team of experts have been ranked against other local firms in the legal directory the Legal 500.

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