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The tenant has reported damp at the property, what should the first steps be?


Contact the tenant as soon as possible and arrange for an in-house surveyor to inspect the property. Undertake extensive investigations to identify the cause of the alleged damp and/or mould. The whole building needs to be looked at, particularly if there is not an obvious cause of the issues.

If the cause of the damp and/or mould is not clear, instruct an independent damp expert to see where the problem lies and what is causing it. Action the recommendations as soon as possible. Retain a copy of the expert’s report for your records. Clearly record what repairs are carried out, and the date on which they are carried out and ensure you have before and after pictures.

If there are steps which the tenant could take to alleviate the issues, provide the tenant with advice. Direct the tenant to any help and support available.

The guidance on damp and mould is clear – landlords must proactively work with tenants to resolve issues of damp and mould.

If works are carried out, ensure you are clear with the tenant about how to follow up and whether you will be in contact with them or they should contact you to check on how the works and/or advice is impacting on the problem. If it’s not solving it then look again at the building pathology.

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