Include an H2 with a USP 

This is the first opportunity to really convey why there is value to the customer so make sure you use clear and concise language. Using terms like because and so really help because they prepare the customer for a supporting statement.

You should take care to keep this section fairly concise so that mobile users are able to progress quickly. And remember to put keywords throughout the text to improve campaign performance an assure users.

Important USPs

Can You Answer One of Their Questions?

Doing so is a good way to demonstrate expertise and also to add in a keyword that will help your campaign. Additionally, it shows that you have done your research and know the kinds of information and support they need.

Alternatively, if a customer as scrolled this far, you can explain more to them here. Give further detail on some of the reasons why they should take up the offer, or add a button here for a supporting conversion.

Supporting Conversion

Highlight Your Team

Senior Associate & Solicitor
Michelle Beckett
Review Solicitors

Support You Firms' Expertise

Use this final text field to explain to customers why you're great in one paragraph. Describe the values of your team and why the service you're offering is so important. This will help with keywords and conversions.

Use an Impactful CTA Here