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Cauda Equina Awareness Day


Launched in October 2020, Cauda Equina Awareness Day is the national awareness day promoted by the Cauda Equina Champions Charity, helping raise awareness and information of Cauda Equina (CES).

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What is cauda equina syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome is caused by nerve damage. These nerves are very sensitive and if they become trapped or compressed for some time then it can cause permanent damage, affecting movement and sensation in the areas described above.

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Cauda Equina Champions Charity

Cauda Equina Champions Charity is a charity that offers bespoke support and services for patients and families affected by CES. It is led by trustees who are living with cauda equina syndrome, their families and loved ones, enabling them to provide first hand information and support.

We work closely with CECC, and as one of their chosen legal advisors we support their work, helping them provide advice and information to those affected by CES.


Cauda Equina Awarness Day

In October Cauda Equina Champions Charity holds the Cauda Equina Awareness Day, aiming to educate members of the public on the key signs and symptoms to look out for known as “red flag symptoms”, which could mean you have CES. 

As one of CECC legal partners we provide support throughout the awarness day, promoting activity in raising awarness for CES. We provide unqiue case studies and information on symptoms, as well as how to bring a claim for medical negligence. 

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