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Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims Case Win in North Devon

Posted on 07th July 2021 in Medical Negligence

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Endurance Arthur

Partner and Solicitor
Cerebral Palsy Compensation Claims Case Win in North Devon

JKM v Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust - £19.9m

Endurance Arthur achieved an award of £19,919,380.00 for JKM, a 9 year old girl, after negligent care during her birth at North Devon District Hospital left her with severe brain damage and a reduced life expectancy. Her injury affects all four limbs and her speech, swallowing and eating. She cannot walk but can scoot around on the floor and stand briefly with support. She needs 24 hour care and assistance but her intellect is preserved and she is keen to communicate with those around her. As she uses signing, which is only understood by a few who are very close to her, she often struggles to make herself understood and she is keenly aware of the differences between herself and others.

As well as helping to overcome the physical impact of her injuries, a major concern in quantifying the claim was to improve her means of communication, her learning opportunities and to provide psychological input to help her come to terms with her plight.

The substantial award will provide security for life in terms of her future care, therapy, and equipment needs. It also provides maximum opportunities for RXH to fulfil her potential despite the devastating injuries she suffered during her birth.

This story has also been reported on by Devon Live.

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