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Partner and Solicitor

Endurance Arthur

“I aim to be professional but empathetic with my clients, making sure that they understand every step of the often bewildering process involved in bringing a complex medical negligence claim. I assist my clients with their legal claims and also by directing them towards other support, where appropriate.”

clinical negligence solicitor and Partner, Endurance heads and manages Tozers’ Medical Negligence Team. Working with claimants who have suffered life changing injuries as a result of substandard care by GPs, hospitals and private practitioners. Her primary aim is to help those affected to bring a successful claim for compensation so they can look forward to a future in which their needs, arising from avoidable injuries will be met.

Through her years of practice, Endurance appreciates that going through the claims process can be challenging for claimants and their families.

Qualifying in 1995, Endurance has been a member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel since 1999. She is ranked as a Band 1 practitioner for Clinical Negligence in Chambers & Partners 2024 directory, where it says "She is just delightful. She never gets flustered, prepares her cases beautifully and gets good results.".

Endurance has also been named as a Leading Individual in Clinical Negligence in the Legal 500 directory where she has been praised as "unflappable".

Knowledgeable across a broad range of cases such as, Erb’s palsycerebral palsycauda equina and spinal injury, acquired brain injury claims, gynaecology claims and claims arising from infection, such as sepsis, and encephalitis. Endurance has developed particular expertise in birth claims such as Erb’s palsy and cerebral palsy and in Kerniterus and cauda equina claims.

Working within a team of very skilled and dedicated lawyers, Endurance works to get the best outcome for our clients whilst maintaining principles of decency and humanity. In the course of her work, she is privileged to work with some of the best Counsel and medical experts in the field of medical negligence.

Endurance also works with charities and pressure groups such as the Erb’s Palsy Group and Cauda Equina Syndrome Association who are striving to improve standards of care for patients and to reduce the number of avoidable injuries within the healthcare system.

In addition to her work with clients, Endurance set up the firm’s CSR committee, which she has chaired since 2010. In that time Tozers have raised funds for and assisted many local charities.



Recent cases

  • Endurance achieved a record settlement of £19.92 million pounds for a 9 year old girl who suffered cerebral palsy as a result of a mismanaged birth.
  • In an extremely complicated claim, Endurance also achieved a settlement of £2.9 million for the additional brain damage a 13 year old client suffered because of a 10 minute avoidable delay in her birth.
  • Despite the loss of the obstetric records, Endurance achieved damages of £1.326 million including future proofed payments for a young woman who sustained a severe brachial plexus palsy during her birth.
  • Endurance obtained a settlement of £664,000 for a claimant with pre-existing mobility and urinary problems, who suffered Cauda equina syndrome because of delayed diagnosis and treatment.
  • Endurance obtained 7-figure damages settlements for several of the children who suffered brain injuries because of substandard surgical care at the Bristol Royal Infirmary.



Solicitor accolades

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Your Thoughts


“"I am very appreciative of the support you and your team have provided to both myself and my parents… I can’t explain how helpful Tozers has been as a whole. In particular, Endurance was very patient with all of our questions and made sure we all were clear on each step of the process, acting in a very professional manner throughout which made for a much smoother experience."”


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Endurance Arthur

Partner and Solicitor

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Partner and Solicitor
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