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Medical Negligence

Birth Injury Claims

Having a baby should be a joyful and memorable event. Sadly, we know that not every pregnancy or delivery goes according to plan. Mistakes made during pregnancy, labour or shortly after birth can lead to serious consequences.

Where avoidable errors in medical care have caused injury, we’ll help you to put things right by obtaining compensation at the earliest possible stage.


Birth injury compensation claims

We can help you to get compensation if your family has suffered from any of the following birth related injuries:


Maternal birth injury compensation claims

If you are a mother who suffered unnecessary injuries because of poor care during child birth we can help you.

As a result of your injuries perhaps you are experiencing:

  • Perineal damage
  • Incontinence
  • Psychological damage

We understand how difficult this must be.


Will it harm the NHS if I bring a birth injury claim?

The NHS has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best run healthcare organisations in the world. Most of its staff are highly qualified and have the patient’s best interests at heart.

However, as with all professions, the medical profession has a duty of care to the people it serves. If that duty of care is breached and a patient is injured as a direct consequence, the law allows that patient to be compensated as far as money can right the wrong.

The NHS has financial provision in place to compensate patients when mistakes lead to avoidable injury. The cost of claims is shared among all NHS Trusts under the Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts into which each trust pays every year. Trusts with fewer claims against them pay less into the scheme. It is therefore in every Trust’s interest to avoid substandard care.


What can you do to help me and my child?

We will handle your claim sympathetically and we will strive to ensure you receive the maximum compensation you or child are entitled to. We’ll always keep what matters to you at the centre of all that we do.



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