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Medical Negligence

Group B Strep Claims

If your child has developed a disability due to negligent GBS treatment, or tragically died, then we may be able to help you make a compensation claim.

We have unrivalled experience in handling Group B Strep claims, representing families and doing everything we can to achieve the maximum compensation to ensure the best possible quality of life for you, your family and your child.

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When medical mistakes are made during childbirth, it can lead to devastating consequences, and seeing your child in pain is a horrific situation to be in.

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is one of the most common causes of severe infection in new-born babies, and unfortunately medical mistakes happen that can cause this.

If your child has been injured by Group B Streptococcus (GBS) and medical negligence, our experienced solicitors are well versed in supporting people and parents with Group B Strep claims, and can help you make a compensation claim.



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What is Group B Strep?

Group B Strep is a bacteria carried by roughly one in five pregnant women, found in the digestive tract or the vagina.

Although it is usually harmless to healthy adults, it can be potentially dangerous when passed on by a pregnant mother to her baby, causing a devastating impact on families.



How are people affected by Group B Strep?

The signs of early-onset GBS, which accounts for around 75% of the total, arise in the first week of a baby’s life, and often only hours after delivery. Late-onset GBS becomes clear after the first 7 days, and after 3 months it becomes extremely rare.

Group B Strep has a low risk of miscarriage, but other serious complications include,

  • Blood poisoning, or sepsis)
  • Lung infection, or pneumonia
  • Brain lining infection, or meningitis
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of sight

Babies usually make a full recovery though if they get the correct treatment at an early stage. If you believe that your child has been injured due to negligent GBS treatment, contact our experienced solicitors who can help you make a claim.


What are the signs of Group B Strep?

The signs of GBS to look out for include,

  • Urine shows infection
  • An unexplained temperature
  • Labour earlier than 37 weeks
  • If the waters break more than 18 hours prior to birth.

If the signs of GBS haven’t been spotted, or have been dismissed and the baby has been affected, you may be able to make a claim.



Can you make a claim for compensation?

Measures can be taken to prevent GBS infections, and treatment can be provided to provide a full recovery for the baby. However, late diagnosis or substandard medical care can increase the risk of complications.

If you have a valid claim it can be an opportunity to get the answers you seek about what went wrong, offer the ability to highlight mistakes to prevent the same thing from happening to other people, and secure an apology and financial settlement to help you put in place support for you and your family.


What can you file a claim for?

You may be able to make a Group B Strep claim if your baby came into contact with the bacteria due to medical negligence, or the infection became more severe due to medical negligence.

Not all cases of Group B Strep are avoidable, but most early-onset GBS infections are preventable if the correct procedures are followed.


When can you file a claim?

If you believe the correct procedures were not followed, symptoms were missed, or care was delayed, you may be able to make a compensation claim.

Generally, medical negligence claims should be made within three years from the date you or a loved one suffered medical negligence. However, there may be exceptions, such as in the case of children, the three year limit doesn't start until after their 18th birthday.


Who can make a claim?

Our expert medical negligence solicitors are experienced at representing the parents of babies who have suffered as a result of GBS related negligence. We have represented and secured successful claims for the parents and families of those affected, heling ensure the best possible future for the families and children.


How expensive is it to file a claim?

We provide an assessment of your situation free of charge, and in instances where we can help you make a claim, we will discuss the costs and funding of those with you, upfront.

In appropriate cases we can offer Legal Aid, but in most cases, we act on a no win no fee basis. This means you won't pay anything if your claim is lost. If you win your case, the defendant will pay most of your legal fees with the rest coming out of your damages.



Successful Group B Strep claims

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Associate & Chartered Legal Executive

Helena Campbell

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In early 2023 Stuart Bramley and Helena Campbell secured a negotiated deal on behalf of a boy whose life has been seriously affected by Group B Strep meningitis. The clear signs of this infection were overlooked by nurses and a doctor at the hospital where the baby was brought in, and even when GBS was eventually identified it was believed by medical experts that the treatment given was inadequate, leading to a cardiorespiratory arrest. The Claimant’s condition means that he will need lifetime care, equipment and specialist input. At a Round Table Meeting Stuart, Helena and their barrister obtained an agreement with the Defendant team for 70% liability, guaranteeing that the child will always have the care he needs.



Support for Group B Strep

If your baby and family have been affected by Group B Strep and medical negligence, then getting support and advice may be just as important as looking to make a claim. Our team of expert medical negligence lawyers have helped many clients with their GBS claims, and are here to make sure that you get the best legal advice possible. There are also many charities, including Group B Strep Support Group, who specialise in GBS and can provide personal support for you and your family.

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Group B Strep Support Group

Group B Strep Support is the world’s leading charity working to eradicate group B Strep infection in babies.

The charity works across five main areas,

  • Providing information and support to families affected by GBS
  • Raising awareness of GBS
  • Providing education services to health professionals
  • Providing a voice for all those affected by GBS infection
  • Supporting research into GBS

We work closely with the Group B Strep Support Group, and are one of their partner law firms, acting as one of their chosen legal advisors we support their work, helping them provide advice and information to those affected by GBS.


Group B Strep Awareness

The Group B Strep Support Group holds an awareness month every year. An annual campaign to highlight the importance of Group B Strep awareness, education, and research, with the aim to get as many people as possible involved in raising awareness and funds for Group B Strep education and prevention.

We work closely with Group B Strep Support Group during the awareness month, promoting the organisation, and supporting families through sharing stories and information around GBS. We also join in with challenges and fundraising, which you can follow on our social media accounts.



How can Tozers help?

If your child has developed a disability due to negligent GBS treatment, we may be able to help you make a compensation claim.

As your legal partners, we’ll always keep you at the centre, supporting you and guiding you through the process. Doing everything we can to achieve the maximum compensation to ensure the best possible quality of life for your child with the funds you need to pay for therapy, home adaptations, disability aids and other costs.

If you or your family have suffered because of medical negligence, we’ll help you to rebuild your life for the future. Contact us today and let us help you.


How can Tozers help with a Group B Strep claim?

Partner in our specialist medical negligence team, Stuart Bramley, is one of the few solicitors in the UK on the legal panel of the leading charity and pressure group Group B Strep Support.

We have unrivalled experience in handling GBS claims, and, in the tragic cases where the baby dies, in representing the bereaved family at a Coroner’s inquest.



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