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Can I bring a claim for compensation if my child has been affected by GBS?


  • If the treatment that you or your baby received was negligent, causing you or your baby either injury or harm, you may be able to bring a claim for compensation as a result.
  • The process of bringing a claim is not about punishing those who have made a mistake but rather about (in so far as money ever can) putting you back in the position you would have been had the negligence not occurred.
  • No amount of money will ever adequately compensate for the loss of a baby but crucially though, if your claim is successful, and your child has been left with long term disability, it will result in financial compensation which will help secure appropriate care and support in the future.
  • When bringing a claim, it is important to remember that the process will not necessarily lead to an apology unless a full admission of responsibility is made.
  • Although the process can sometimes be a useful tool to help ensure that lessons have been learned it also important to understand that it does not always effect a change in medical practice.

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