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Medical Negligence


If you have lost a loved one because of medical errors, we know what a traumatic situation you are in.

We are here to support you.

Most of the cases that we specialise in relate to injuries suffered due to medical errors. In many claims, however, the poor care leads not to the patient’s injury but to his or her death.


The local Coroner may be notified and an inquest to determine the cause of death may be held. If you’re part of the bereaved family, we can act for you either just at the inquest or in connection with a legal claim relating to the same death.

Let us help you

We know that going to a hearing at the Coroner’s court can be a very stressful event, particularly since the hospital or GP surgery involved will usually have legal representation.

We have combined experience of advocacy at hundreds of these hearings and will make sure that you’re well represented and supported beforehand and at the hearing itself.

What we can assist with

In your difficult situation, we’ll help you. Some specific things we can assist with:

  • Assisting with your witness statement, which will be required by the Coroner.
  • Explaining the legal process, which is very different from that of a legal claim for compensation.
  • Petitioning the Coroner as to which witnesses need to be called to give evidence in person.
  • Advising on the statements of those who treated the deceased before his or her death.
  • Representing you at the Pre-Inquest Review. This is a hearing to determine the date and length of the inquest; witness evidence; documents; and other vital administrative matters.
  • Representing you at the inquest.
  • Dealing with any Press interest, either at the inquest or subsequently.

We can also advise on the connections between the Coroner’s inquest; a legal claim for compensation which may be running at the same time; the NHS Complaints procedure; and any internal investigations carried out by the hospital or GP practice into the death. These all follow different processes and involve different criteria and as a bereaved family member you need professional advice on how best to use the evidence from one process to assist you dealing with the other(s).

If you are a family member of a loved one who died because of medical errors, contact us today and we’ll help you to find answers.

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