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Commercial Dispute Resolution

Contract disputes

Even with careful drafting, disputes about contracts still occur in commercial life. Whether dealing with a disagreement over what was intended, or what a particular clause means, our experienced lawyers want to form a trusted partnership with you. Identifying the core issues quickly and helping you to find the best way to achieve your objectives underpins our expert advice.


We take the time to understand your business to give you relevant advice.

Legislation often interferes with contractual terms and case law moves the goalposts from time to time.  Getting early advice on a contractual problem can often resolve the situation before the matter gets out of hand.

Recent examples of our work include:

  • advising on a number of contract disputes involving supercars
  • settling a complex contract claim around mobile homes
  • advising on a £6m JCT construction contract
  • Recovering a contractual debt of over £125,000

Dealing with disputes around contracts places us in an ideal position to draft contracts.  We work with our corporate commercial teams to draft up contracts which are resilient and effective.  For more information on contract drafting click here.


We Advise On:

  • sale of goods act disputes
  • interpretation of contracts where the parties disagree
  • enforceability of contracts under the consumer rights act 2015
  • construction contracts
  • recovery of debts due under contracts
  • sale of land disputes
  • agency

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