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Commercial Planning and Licensing

Commercial Judicial Review

Planning permissions are obtained after a lengthy and often costly process and can significantly increase the value of land.

Once obtained a planning permission can only be challenged in the courts – a process known as judicial review. Judicial review proceedings are often brought by objectors, for example local residents or rival businesses. Any challenge can be very bad news to a business, as once judicial review proceedings are issued the delay to a project can be significant and expensive.

Where there is potential opposition to a development we can advise on making the application, and any decision, as robust as possible, so as to avoid or discourage potential challenges. We can advise on the chances of any challenge being successful. If a challenge is brought we will advise on the best course of action to defend your planning permission and defeat any challenge.

It is not just planning decisions that are vulnerable. Any decision of a public authority can be challenged in the courts by judicial review. We can act for both business and local planning authorities seeking to defend decisions against challenge.

If you think that your business is likely to be affected by new development we can advise on objecting and opposing any application and on challenging the permission if granted.

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