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DIY divorce

Posted on 17th March 2022 in Family Law

DIY divorce

As we move into the new era of “no fault divorce” following its introduction on 06 April 2022 more people will consider applying on-line themselves. However, in dealing with a divorce yourself you need to think carefully about each step. It is not always advisable for example, to apply for the final order until after financial matters have been resolved.

One of the pitfalls to be aware of relates to the position on Pensions. Once the final order has been made you will no longer be entitled to any of your spouse’s pension on death, so if your spouse were to die after the grant of the final order but before any financial settlement had been approved by the court then you could lose a valuable asset.

If you have any doubts about whether you should finalise your divorce or if you need help with regard to the financial settlement on divorce we would urge you to take independent legal advice from a specialist family solicitor.

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