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Senior Paralegal

Ricky Noble

“Given the extremely sensitive and personal nature of family law I often meet clients that are emotional, distressed and unable to clearly identify their legal problems. I aim to work with my clients by translating their concerns into legally recognisable categories. My clients are reassured as I work closely with them. I provide concise explanations of legal concepts and processes in a calm, professional and empathetic manner to reach a solution that is tailored to their individual needs in the best possible way.”

Ricky is a Senior Paralegal and has practiced exclusively in Family Law since joining the Tozers’ Family team in November 2018. Prior to joining Tozers, Ricky completed his Law Degree at the University of South Wales and spent a number of years working in legal and financial sectors across South Wales before returning to Devon.

Ricky works with clients in a range of family matters such as divorce and financial matters and specialises in disputes relating to children. Ricky represents clients at all stages and in all types of applications under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989, including child arrangements orders (live with and spend time with disputes), specific issue orders (to determine a specific question which has, or may arise) and prohibited steps orders (to prevent a party from a certain activity relating to a child).

Ricky provides sensitive, pragmatic, and sensible advice in private law children cases. He has considerable experience dealing with complex cases involving serious allegations of domestic abuse, parental alienation, and enforcement. Ricky regularly advises on relocation cases. This includes where a party wishes to move away with the child(ren) – either abroad or within this country.

Ricky works hard with his clients to reach a solution that is in the best interests of the child(ren) and all parties concerned. He is protective of each of his client’s unique interests. This is reflected in his responsive, loyal, and down to earth approach.



Recent cases

  • Advising a father who raised concerns over the mother’s rapid decline in mental health. The mother also had a history of abusing alcohol and prescription-based medications. Secured the urgent return of the child to the father’s care and a lives with order for the father.
  • Advising a father where the mother had alleged that the relationship was characterised by domestic abuse and violence perpetrated by the father including physical, emotional, and serious allegations of sexual abuse. No findings were made against the father and a lives with order for the child in the father’s care was secured.
  • Advising a mother where the father made serious allegations of child neglect and refused to return the child to the mother’s care following contact. Secured the urgent return for the child to the mother’s care and a prohibited steps order so that the father could not remove the child save for contact.
  • Advising a mother where the father attempted to abduct the child by removing them from the jurisdiction without the mother’s knowledge or consent. Secured the urgent return of the child and a lives with order for the child in the mother’s care.



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“We would like to firstly thank Ricky Noble who looked after us on our most recent matter that needed tending to.
The matter needed prompt action, Ricky gave us the expected professional advice, and as this issue was time dependent got things moved on promptly.
What we were touched by was the empathy and understanding from Ricky on handling what was an emotional subject to us.”


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Senior Paralegal

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