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Man left blind following misdiagnosis from doctors

Posted on 25th January 2022 in Medical Negligence

Posted by

Stuart Bramley

Partner and Solicitor
Man left blind following misdiagnosis from doctors

29 year-old Andi Peel from Leicester had been suffering from severe headaches while running a Carphone Warehouse store in August 2019. He visited his GP to be told his headaches were probably because of the pressure of his job.

Mr Peel suffered a panic attached that left him confused and with memory loss but again his GP put it down to work stress and so sent him home. It wasn’t until January 2020 that he was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme, a fast-growing brain tumour. Glioblastoma is considered the most aggressive brain tumour.

The tumour had continued to grow so it was removed but despite radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Andi has been left completely blind. The tumour continued to grow so Andi was told there was no treatment left for him. He has explained that it is not just the blindness which obviously has been life-changing; he also suffers from seizures. 

Andi will be walking 10,00 steps a day in February to raise money for Brain Tumour Research.

Tozers' clinical negligence specialist Stuart Bramley writes: "This is a shocking story to read. Although busy General Practitioners must see many patients with genuine work-related stress, they must still check the symptoms carefully without jumping to conclusions. Many brain tumours begin with headaches and an alert doctor will be aware that apparently innocuous symptoms can mask something much more serious.  Andi Peel was misdiagnosed not once but twice and it is terrible to learn that he has now lost his sight".


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