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The impact of Coronavirus on Devon and our local community

Posted on 26th June 2020 in Later Life Planning, Coronavirus Pandemic

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Naomi Hoare

The impact of Coronavirus on Devon and our local community

Although we have a national reach, Tozers LLP is a Devon law firm at heart, and the welfare of our clients and the local community are at the centre of what we do. As we start to see the lifting of the Coronavirus restrictions, it is important to reflect on the impact that the virus has had on Devon, and how as a county we can work together to move forward in the future.


How has Coronavirus affected Devon?

According to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics, the number of Coronavirus-related deaths in Devon, up to the 12 June 2020, were 351, which includes 58 cases in Torbay and 85 cases in Plymouth. This marks Devon as one of the least affected areas in England, which has come as a surprise after the North Devon Gazette published that Councillors had been told to expect up to 6,000 deaths in the county.

It is perhaps some relief that the extent of the virus has not been as much as was initially feared, but each loss is a tragedy and there are, and will continue to be, many empty places at tables across the county as the months pass.


What may come next?

As lockdown restrictions begin to lift, it is anyone’s guess as to whether we’ll have the threatened ‘second wave’ of Coronavirus.

It is heartening to see the release of some restrictions from 4th July benefitting our local tourism industry and we have been in touch with many in the sector who are carefully putting procedures in place to make sure that their guests are safe.

As a county which thrives on tourism, this will be good news for our economy. Hopefully, though, those coming to visit will keep to the regulations and so incidents such as those in our next-door-neighbour, Dorset, will not be replicated here!


How can Tozers help?

At Tozers, we appreciate that this is a strange and worrying time for all and that is why we are continuing to work hard to support you. We know that with the number of deaths being broadcast daily in the news, many people are thinking about the uncertainty of the future and how best to plan for it.

If you are thinking about putting powers in place to allow others to assist you, either with your finances, health decisions or specifically to run your business in case restrictions tighten once more, or are considering succession planning, our specialist team can provide clear advice to support you in the decision-making process. Please do contact us today, if we can be of any help.

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