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Our Environment

Reducing our carbon footprint and setting a path to a more sustainable future

We all have a stake in shaping our world for future generations and Tozers is committed to minimising our environmental impact. As a responsible business, we support the global goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

We want to play our part by taking the necessary steps to reduce our carbon footprint and pursue sustainable solutions wherever possible.

We also acknowledge this is an ongoing journey. We have implemented positive changes to improve our current practices and will continue to review our progress and set targets to ensure we’re transparent and accountable in our efforts.

Sustainable solutions – what we’re doing

We have a number of practical initiatives in place to address our environmental impact across three key areas: our office buildings, travel and our operations. These focus on:

Reducing waste

We use the Devon Contract Wastes Zero to Landfill Solution, which ensures general waste is either recycled or sent to a local Energy for Waste centre. Alongside this, we’re continually working to improve recycling rates and reduce waste across our offices. This includes operating a paperless policy, using digital files where possible. We also work with our suppliers to recycle our IT equipment.

Increasing energy efficiency

We track our energy consumption to identify ways to reduce this. This includes educating colleagues to adopt new habits, such as turning off IT equipment rather than leaving on stand-by. We have installed catering kettles to be more energy efficient and reduce our water consumption.

Sustainable travel

We support sustainable travel with our Cycle to Work scheme and encourage the use of public transport for commuting and client meetings. We also invest in technology to enable virtual and remote working.

Responsible sourcing

We prioritise local and Fairtrade suppliers as much as possible and ensure our paper and print products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Community collaboration

Respect for the environment is integral to our responsible business commitments and we work with local charities, communities and wildlife trusts to help conservation and biodiversity projects.

What next? The journey to Net Zero

We’re aware there is still much to do to reach the goal of Net Zero by 2050. We’re in the early stages of our journey but are committed to making the necessary changes. The next step is to measure our baseline carbon footprint so we can create measurable targets to set our path to Net Zero.

This will involve comprehensive monitoring of our energy consumption across all areas of the organisation. We will then use these baseline figures to map out a plan to reduce energy usage. We’re looking at how we can best review our progress and stay accountable, bringing our colleagues, clients and wider community along on the journey with us.

Being a responsible business is a fundamental part of who we are. We want to make sure we’re doing what we can so our colleagues can feel proud and our clients can continue to hold us in high regard.

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Our approach to responsible business focuses on three core areas: our communities, our people and our environment. Read more about our responsible business activities by clicking on the links below.

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