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David Cobern

“Without specialist help and early intervention, some unmarried people leaving long term relationships are at significant risk of an unfair outcome. My experience working in family law, but with a background in civil litigation, gives me insight into the issues affecting this growing section of the population. I consider it a privilege to represent people who, without my assistance would either leave relationships with nothing or a inadequate settlement after (in many cases) years of contributions to the welfare of their families.”

David is a Consultant in our Family team who specialises in advising unmarried couples, including the preparation of Cohabitation Agreements, Pre-Nuptial Agreements, and advising individuals on their rights in the event of a separation.

He deals with issues such as whether a home or other assets should be sold, determining shares in jointly owned property, disputes about whether a non-owning former partner should have a share in their former partner’s property, and financial provision for the children of separated unmarried parents.

He has an in-depth knowledge of family law and the rights of unmarried people specifically. He is friendly and approachable, realistic, and adopts a common-sense approach, with commercial and tactical awareness. He prides himself on his attention to detail and works constructively with lawyers for opposing parties and those who are unrepresented.

David promotes all forms of alternative dispute resolution as an alternative to the court system. He also has a good sense of when it is appropriate to litigate rather than negotiate, however. He understands that his clients are in a vulnerable position and takes the necessary steps to protect them.

He has worked for almost his entire professional career in the family law arena, latterly specialising in the rights of unmarried couples, which has become an area of particular interest to him.

David enjoys swimming and cycling and long walks in the country with his dog.