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Family Law

Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial and Cohabitation agreements

Whatever your situation, we can help you to get the right agreements in place so that you’re protected for your future.

Pre & Post Nuptial Agreements

Protecting your assets might be an important thing for you – perhaps if you’ve gained wealth by inheritance, family trusts, through your own work or settlements.

Or perhaps you’re marrying later in life and want to protect assets for your children. In that situation, a nuptial agreements is likely to be a good option.

The good thing about both Pre and Post – Nuptial Agreements is that both are generally binding, if certain criteria are met.

Cohabitation Agreements

If you’re not planning on getting married but you own a property with your partner, we’d recommend getting a cohabitation agreement put together. We know that no-one in a happy relationship wants to consider the possibility of separation, but having the agreement in place just means that you’ve got all the details about who owns what in what proportion all written down (and how it would be divided). It can also include how children would be supported and how what will be done about joint debts, bank accounts, savings and other items.

If you’re living with your partner and are happy as you are without entering into a civil partnership or marriage, it would be worthwhile to consider whether a cohabitation agreements is right for you. No-one likes to think about the end of a relationship but taking the time now to put in place a document which sets out very clearly your intentions could save you a lot of worry and heartache if the worst happens in the future.

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