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Dispute Resolution


If you have recently purchased a horse that you feel is not as it was described, we have a team of specialist equine lawyers ready to help you.
Horse owners are facing a heavier burden of regulation and legislation than ever before. Claims under the Consumer Rights Act/Sale of Goods Act and the Animals Act are numerous. The horse world has its own language and customs and disputes calls for a proper understanding of them. It demands specialist equine lawyers who can apply the law realistically and sensibly to equestrian issues and have a real grasp on the problems of the equestrian community. After a lifetime of buying, selling, owning and competing her horses, our lead partner Jill Headford has the insight required to give sound advice. She a passionate horsewoman who currently competes at Medium level with British Dressage as well as being a British Riding Clubs member and competitor.


Wide range of experience

Tozers has a dynamic equestrian team of riders and horse owners and our lead partner is Jill Headford who is a passionate horsewoman. Jill has contributed articles in the equine media and is a member of the Equine and Animal Lawyers Association. She is supported by fellow litigation lawyer Jenny Lloyd and both Jill and Jenny compete at a high level under the affiliation of British Dressage. Tozers are delighted to have been keen sponsors of show jumping and point-to-points over many years. The team’s long familiarity with the horse world enables us to give effective advice on a range of equine matters.

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