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Family Law


When going through a divorce, we understand that it can feel like there’s an overwhelming number of things to divide up. But something that’s often forgotten about is your pension – which may be the most valuable asset that you have.

Pensions represent the whole of your working life and yet they can often be overlooked. Informal discussions about finances during divorce tend to be focused around income and capital to include the family home.

Keeping information together about pensions may be difficult especially if the communication between both parties has broken down or there is a lack of financial transparency.

What your options are

Pensions are a complex area and there are lots of ways that we can help you to sort out your pensions on divorce – including pension sharing, attachment orders or off setting. We understand that you’ll be going through a difficult time so we’ll help to sort out your pensions as smoothly as possible, making you aware of all the options that you have.

If pension sharing is likely to be an option for you, we’d recommend getting financial advice as early as possible from an Independent Financial Advisor to help you to make an informed decision about the future of your finances.

Our experience with pensions during a relationship breakdown

We have many years’ experience of advising on both public and private sector pensions, whether in payment or not.

Specific pension schemes we can help you with include:

  • Police pensions
  • Fire service pensions
  • Armed forces pensions
  • Teachers pensions
  • NHS pensions
  • Local Government pensions
  • University Superannuation schemes

If your situation is particularly complicated, we’ll help you get in touch with a pensions expert and advise on what we think should be done to move forwards.

Please note that we do offer a discounted rate for public sector employees, please refer to this offer when arranging your free initial meeting.

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