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Family Law


If you are going through a separation, we can help you to work out how to divide the assets from your marriage fairly.

Sometimes assets can be divided fairly by agreement. We’ll be able to put together the formal documents needed to reflect this agreement.

Financial disputes

It’s not always possible for separating couples to reach an agreement which is where financial disputes happen. You may need assistance with:

What to do about financial issues

We know that finding yourself in a dispute about your finances with your ex-partner is a horrible position to be in. We’ll support you and discuss with you the following options:

Before an application for financial orders can be made to the Court, you’ll need to go to a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM) unless an exemption applies to you.

If an application needs to be made to the Court, then a timetable will be set, so that disputes can be settled within a reasonable timeframe.

What to do first

The first step (whether in or out of Court proceedings) is full and frank disclosure – which means you and your ex-partner must provide full details of all capital, income, pensions and any other relevant resources or circumstances to each other (and the Court). Once the assets have been established, negotiations can take place with a view to reaching a fair and reasonable division of the assets. This will look different in every situation.

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