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Medical Negligence

Weight Loss Surgery Claims

If you have undergone weight loss surgery and it has led to complications, we know that it can be a devastating time. We are here to help you.


Weight loss surgery

Weight loss surgery is also known as bariatric surgery and is designed to help you lose weight.

There are three main types of weight loss surgery:

  • Gastric Band Surgery – where a band is used to reduce the size of the stomach;
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery – which re-routes the digestive system past most of the stomach;
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy (Gastric Sleeve) – where part of the stomach is removed to decrease it’s size, leaving a tube portion of the stomach in place.

All three procedures are designed to reduce the amount of food you can eat but unfortunately sometimes things can go wrong.


Problems relating to weight loss surgery

If your operation for weight loss has not been a success we may be able to help you recover compensation to provide you with the support that you need and to help you move forwards.

Common problems may include:

  • The gastric band placed at the wrong angle or not positioned correctly causing a blockage
  • Bypass joins or staple lines not being stapled correctly causing a leak
  • Damage to internal organs, such as perforation of the stomach/bowel
  • Too large a bypass – leading to dumping syndrome
  • Infection
  • Poor post-operative care

Negligent bariatric surgery can lead to significant problems which can impact significantly upon your quality of life. In some tragic instances it has caused death.


Let us help you

We have many years’ experience of weight loss surgery claims and will do our very best to help you to achieve the maximum compensation possible. We’ll help you to see a clear way forwards.

If you or a member of your family have concerns about the bariatric surgery or the care you have received after the operation, contact us today.


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