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Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing

Many of our holiday park clients (and some of our residential park clients too!) have licensing requirements for their shops, restaurants and club houses.  

How we can help you

Our experts can help you to apply for new licences or variations to the existing licences. You may also want a temporary event notice so that your event can take place beyond the hours permitted on your licence.

Licensing applications

Licensing applications may seem straightforward, but the application must be acceptable not only to the licensing authority but the police, environmental health and neighbours (as well as other relevant authorities). We have a wealth of experience of working for parks to obtain premises licences and temporary event notices. We will work collaboratively with local authorities and the police to try to overcome any objections to your applications. If the objections cannot be overcome we can attend licensing hearings on your behalf to make the case for your application to be granted.  

Early advice on the application process can avoid a hearing and we can provide you with workable solutions and suggestions for your operating schedule to reduce the likelihood of objections.

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