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Erb's Palsy Awareness Week


Every October the Erb's Palsy Group raises awareness about Erb's Palsy through an awareness week. Through social media, events and fundraising they aim to increase peoples knowledge of Erb's Palsy, and provide information and support to those affected.

This year we look into some powerful case studies of those affected by Erb’s Palsy, how it has impacted both their own life as well as their families, and how their stories can help inform and support others.

Alfie's Erb's Palsy Story   Amanda's Erb's Palsy Story  Anne's Erb's Palsy Story


What is Erb's Palsy

Erb’s Palsy, also known as Brachial Plexus Palsy, is an injury commonly caused to a baby during birth, where the baby’s shoulder becomes stuck after the head has been delivered (shoulder dystocia) and the brachial plexus nerves in the trapped shoulder are stretched and injured.

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The Erb’s Palsy Group

The Erb’s Palsy Group is a national charity which offers advice, information and support to families affected by the condition. We’ve worked closely with the Erb’s Palsy Group for 25+ years, supporting them to increase awareness and promote better understanding of this condition. The group strives to reduce incidence rates through education and training of the medical profession but also to promote better treatment, by early referral to specialist centres.


Erb's Palsy Awareness Week

Every October the Erb's Palsy Group holds an awareness week to increase awareness and information on Erb's Palsy. Connecting people who have been affected, helping them share their stories, and getting more people hearing about Erb's Plasy. Through social media, photo and video stories, events and fundraising, it helps provide more information to those effected, as well as inform those around them.

At Tozers we work closely with the Erb's Palsy Group and support their awareness week each year through sharing information, case studies and the support available. In our latest case study we look at Daisy's story and how Erb's Palsy has impacted her life.

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