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Commercial Dispute Resolution

Residential tenancy disputes

Landlord & Tenant legislation is complex and landlords face quite a challenge in understanding and complying with what is expected of them.

To make things even more difficult for landlords, the laws which protect the rights of tenants have become more complicated over recent years.  So complying with the law has become harder than ever for Landlords.

When you need to regain possession of your property, evicting your tenants can be a particularly stressful experience.  We prefer to aim for an amicable early solution but failing that we apply the law expertly and efficiently to get early results.

Not all disputes are about repossession.  Problems can arise over deposits, rent arrears, repairs and misuse of the property.  Management Associations are a common cause of friction.

Clear advice is particularly important as time can be of the essence.  We find that fixed fees and other fee packages can be ideally suited to our work for landlords and if court action is required, we are often willing to share risk with you. Contact us to learn more about our fixed fee packages.

Our specialist team will be happy to help you with any residential tenancy dispute.

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