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Coronavirus Support Hub

Here are the questions we are being asked about Coronavirus - click on the questions below for regularly updated legal advice and practical guidance for you and your business.

With our experience in employment law, contracts and family law, our solicitors and legal experts are here to support you.

You can also find some general advice and updates on Tozers working arrangements

General Advice and Guidance


New Business As Usual

Get legal advice on how to transition from lockdown back to the new business as usual.

How can I make redundancies within my business?

Should I send my employees back to work?

When will holiday parks reopen?


Property Law Advice

Our solicitors and conveyancers can help you with property law matters

How does Covid-19 affect rented property?

I have a live planning application/appeal, how will it be affected?

I am due to sell/buy a property, what happens now?


Advice for Business Owners

From contracts to employment law, get legal advice on how coronavirus affects on your business.

I employ people in my business, what do I need to know?

Can I keep my workplace open during the Coronavirus pandemic?

I am a director/self-employed individual, what support is available for me?

I need to ensure my business cashflow is robust, what can I do?

I have ongoing contracts with my customers and suppliers – do they carry on unaffected?

How can I continue to comply with data protection requirements?


Family Law Support

Our family law, safeguarding and estates planning solicitors are here to help.

I have child arrangements in place, how am I affected?

What support is available for my family?

How can I access help when social services are involved with my family?

I am a victim of domestic abuse, can I still get help?

I am isolating and need support with my affairs, what help can I get?

I don’t have a Will, can I arrange one in the current circumstances?

I am involved in a dispute, are the courts still operational?


Specialist Legal Support

Our solicitors have specialist knowledge to advise you.

I am a social housing landlord, how am I affected?

Can tenants be evicted during lockdown?

What is the latest guidance for possession claims in court?

How will the latest changes to notice provisions affect me?

I am a holiday or residential park owner, how can Tozers help?

How could the Coronavirus outbreak affect my Charity?

Is there any government financial support available specific to charities as a result of Covid-19? 



Our team of experts share the latest legal insights on the implications of the pandemic. Read more.


Tozers update

We are open for business, ready to help and available to support you.

Our staff are working from home and in our offices, so where possible please continue to communicate with us via phone, e-mail and virtual platforms. The safety of our colleagues and clients is important to us, if we agree it is necessary to meet with you at an office then your Tozers contact will book an appointment with you in advance. Entry to our offices is by a pre booked appointment only.

Thank you for your cooperation from everyone at Tozers.

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