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Elly Michaud

“I am passionate about making matters feel more accessible to clients. I appreciate that many clients using the Family Team’s services may be experiencing a challenging time, and I endeavour to provide compassionate support to clients to assist them in understanding the process in the hope that it may then feel a little less overwhelming.”

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Areas of work

Elly plays a crucial role in the Family Team, providing essential support across a wide spectrum of family matters. Her expertise extends to divorce proceedings, financial issues, separations, and disputes related to children.

In her day-to-day work, Elly assists with drafting and filing court documents, maintaining correspondence with clients, other legal representatives, and various experts. She meticulously prepares court bundles and stands by her clients and barristers during court hearings.

What Elly enjoys most about her role is its dynamic nature. One day, she might be immersed in administrative tasks at her desk, meticulously preparing letters and documents. The next day, she could be attending a court hearing, offering unwavering support to a client.

Elly’s approach is distinctly people-oriented. She consistently adopts an empathetic and compassionate stance, recognising that many clients seeking the Family Team’s services are navigating challenging periods. Elly firmly believes that keeping clients well-informed empowers them in their situation.

Her passion for Family Law ignited during her undergraduate studies at the University of Exeter, and she continued to pursue this interest through her post-graduate degree. Having relocated from the Midlands, Elly now revels in coastal living.