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Senior Paralegal

Sarah Miller

“I am particularly passionate about supporting victims of domestic abuse in breaking free from unhealthy relationships and in supporting them in being able to turn their lives and the lives of their children around for the better. I work closely with local domestic support agencies to ensure that my clients have full access to the support they need to be able to move forward feeling safe and protected”

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Areas of work

Sarah works with victims of domestic abuse, working closely with them, local agencies and the Courts to achieve their aims of being safe and protected.

The process can feel complex and confusing, but Sarah is able to use her breadth of experience to guide clients through it. She is able to obtain protective orders for them such as:

  • non-molestation orders
  • occupation orders
  • transfer of tenancy orders

Sarah can advise on all aspects of family law including divorce, change of name deeds, acting for parents in both public law and private law Children Act proceedings, including complex finding of fact hearings where sexual abuse and domestic violence has been alleged. 

She also conducts her own routine advocacy and is able to access legal aid for those clients that qualify.   

Sarah has worked with Tozers for over 23 years and qualified as an Associate Member of CILEX in 2009. Her specialism in domestic abuse has been developed through years of practice and theory. She is a member of the Sexual Violence Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum for South Hams, Teignbridge, West Devon & Dartmoor.

She was also instrumental in setting up Tozers Domestic Abuse Response Team (DART).



Recent cases

  • Acting for a client in securing a non-molestation order, occupation order and transfer of tenancy order following a difficult separation from the father of her child where domestic abuse and mental health concerns were raised.
  • Acting for a client in regaining occupation of their family home following a lengthy period of exclusion by their ex-partner.
  • Acting for a mother in securing court findings of longstanding harassment, physical, psychological and emotional abuse against her.



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Solicitor accolades

  • Legal Aid Lawyer of Year 2015 Finalist
  • Legal Executive/Paralegal of the year, Family Law Awards 2015 Finalist

Your Thoughts


“Sarah was very helpful, kept me up to date on the progress of applications. She made me feel I could trust her and the route we went down and that we would get an ‘in my favour’ result – thank you Sarah you were brilliant”


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Senior Paralegal

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Senior Paralegal