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Safeguarding Vulnerable Clients

Compensation Protection Trusts

Having faced the many hurdles and stresses of a successful personal injury or medical negligence compensation claim, it is important to think about how your hard-won money should be protected.

Without the right advice and action being taken, you risk losing your entitlement to current and future means-tested benefits and your compensation is in danger of quickly being used up. Even if you do not currently claim benefits, we don’t know what the future may hold and an unexpected event may mean that you need welfare support.


Thinking about what’s next

It’s really important for you to think about what to do next. Putting your compensation into a Personal Injury trust, for example, allows you to keep claiming means-tested benefits and so should be something for you to strongly bear in mind. Whether you are an adult, or have acted on behalf of a child in a claim, this option may be perfectly-tailored for you in offering you ongoing protection for your award.


Types of Trust

You may also want to consider the different types of trust available to you, or take advice on the pros and cons for you in putting something like this in place.


You can trust us with your future

We know that you will have come from a stressful stage of your life and you may find it worrying to think about the future. But with many years in establishing Personal Injury Trusts, you can rely on us to help you through the process from start to finish and to see a clear way forward.


How we can help

We advise on:

  • starting Personal Injury Trusts and showing you the options you have
  • finding out the right trust to suit your needs
  • the process to set up trusts for adults or children
  • the steps needed to obtain Court of Protection approval in certain cases
  • the tax regimes for trusts
  • trustees’ powers and duties
  • trust administration

If you’ve gained compensation from a medical negligence or personal injury claim and haven’t yet protected your hard-earned money, we can help.

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