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Safeguarding Vulnerable Clients

Attorney and Deputy Management for Vulnerable Clients

If you act as an Attorney or Deputy for a friend or family member, you will know that it can be a rewarding, but sometimes complicated and time-consuming process.

Our role

At Tozers, we deal with the administration of Attorneyships and Deputyships, both on behalf of you and also where the firm acts as the Attorney or Deputy. Whether we act as Attorney or Deputy ourselves or help you in carrying out your role, our priority is to safeguard the best interests of your loved one. We are clear that our job is much more than managing someone’s finances or other affairs and that decisions which are made have a direct impact upon their day-to-day lives.

Managing and Protecting Funds

In many situations, the assets which need to be managed are because of successful medical negligence or personal injury claims and can amount to hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of pounds. We work closely with financial advisers to ensure that the funds are managed, protected and used in the best interests of your loved one, but also make sure that we are in regular touch with you and them to see how we might be able to assist to improve their lives.

In whatever we do, you can trust us to act with compassion to involve your loved one themselves and their family in all decisions, so far as is possible.

How we can help you

We advise on:

  • administration of Attorneyships and Deputyships, where either the firm or family members acts in the role of Attorney or Deputy
  • Attorneys’ and Deputies’ powers and duties

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