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Affordable Housing

Housing Advisory Service

We understand that as a registered provider, being able to predict your budget is important.
Our unique Housing Advice Service allows you to control and reliably stick to your budget for housing law advice.


What is the Housing Advice Service?

Our Housing Advice Service, provided to you by our registered provider specialist lawyers, offers you:

  • A fixed fee arrangement
  • Early access to legal advice when your housing officers may need it most
  • Warning letters and notices seeking possession
  • Confidence to proceed correctly in all circumstances
  • Advice on the telephone or by e-mail


Dealing with issues ahead of time

With our housing advice service, you’ll be able to discuss matters at an early stage before they escalate too far. You’ll benefit from timely legal advice, equipping you to deal with complex matters effectively and with confidence. Then if a matter does result in litigation, you’ll be in a strong position, having already taken the vital steps at an earlier stage.


Tailoring our service to our clients

Over time, we’ve seen that there are common themes running through our client’s enquiries who use the service. This means we’ve been able to collaborate with clients to train their housing officers, increasing their organisation’s capacity to deal with these issues without resorting to legal advice and reducing their overall legal spend.

Our housing advice service offers unique, timely and cost – effective advice for registered providers. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

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