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Stock Transfer Rationalisation

If you’re a registered provider looking to consolidate your stock holdings either as part of a planned merger or as an asset management exercise in order to deliver better value for money, we can advise you.


Key drivers for registered providers

As a registered provider, your key drivers are likely to be:

  • Increasing efficiency of management by concentrating on core geographical areas and disposing of isolated pepper-potted stock;
  • Disposing of lowest performing stock;
  • Generating funds to acquire new homes and cross subsidise development plans; and
  • Preserving your reputation


How we can help you

We can advise you on the legal procedures to achieve your objectives.

As your trusted legal partners we’ll take you right through the process to help you to attain increased yields, better performance and happier, better served tenants. Such plans will commonly be implemented by way of targeted swaps, acquisitions and disposals and can involve both tenanted and untenanted stock.


Our experience of stock transfer rationalisation

We are experienced in providing the necessary support and advice to registered providers embarking on the process. At Tozers, we cover a range of specialisms from housing management and commercial property to contracts and financing advice. We will typically provide advice on tenant consultations, due diligence, certificates of title, transfer documentation and implications for lender covenants.

Our aim is to deliver a high quality, efficient and cost effective service to you, always keeping your goals at the centre.

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