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Commercial Planning and Licensing

Temporary Event Notices for Your Business

A Temporary Event Notice (“TEN”) provides for one-off events which are not covered by a premises licence. We can make a TEN application for you including “late” TENs.


Why a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)?

You may want a TEN if the hours of an event that you want to hold in your premises will finish later than the permitted hours on your existing licence. Alternatively you may want to hold an event on land which does not have a licence at all. If you will be supplying alcohol and/or there will regulated entertainment such as live or recorded music then you will need to apply for a TEN.


When TENs apply

TENs apply for events where there will be no more than 499 people attending including staff and performers. A TEN can last for up to a period of 7 days but there must be 24 hours between one event ending and the next event starting. The number of days in total in any calendar year cannot be more than 21.

There can only be 15 TENS per calendar year for any premises. An individual applying for a TEN can only apply for 5 TENS per year unless they have a personal licence in which case they apply for 50 TENs (to take place in different premises).


How we can help you

Our licensing experts can make TEN application for you including “late” TENs. If there are objections we can help to overcome these by liaising with the local authority or police.

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