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Employment Law

Directors service contracts

Directors' service contracts should be drafted with care

You will want to include clauses dealing with issues such as confidentiality, restrictive covenants (which generally need very careful drafting to be enforceable) and what happens if the individual ceases to be a director. There may also need to be special drafting to cover bonus and incentive schemes or the implications of a change of control. It is important not to forget that Directors are usually employees as well as office holders, so your contracts need to cover both aspects. We have immense practical experience of drafting such contracts and can advise not just on how to draft the package you want to offer, but also on what is standard for this type of contract.

We can also provide Non-Executive Director contracts where there is no employment relationship.
Conversely, if you are a Director negotiating your own contract, we can assist.


We advise on

  • Drafting of Executive and Non-Executive Director Contracts
  • Pay and benefits
  • Post-termination restrictions
  • Termination and compensation for loss of office


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