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Employment Law

National Minimum Wage

It is against the law for an employer to pay workers less than the national minimum wage

Calculating the minimum wage is not nearly as simple as it may seem. All sorts of tricky issues can arise, such as how to apply the accommodation offset, use of annualised hours contracts where hours vary across the year, work trials, managing the number of hours worked, on-call time and being clear which payments and deductions affect minimum wage calculations. We can also help you plan how to structure your team’s work to minimise the risk of you inadvertently paying less than the minimum wage.

If the minimum wage is not paid to employees, then HMRC will issue the employer with a notice of underpayment with the sum of the arrears to be paid to the employee and a financial penalty will also be issued. The financial penalty is 100% of the total underpayment up to a maximum of £20,000. Any employer that is issued with an underpayment will face with being named publically by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills for failing to comply with the National Minimum Wage and therefore it is important that all employers ensure they are paying employees the correct amount of wages.


We advise on

  • Calculating the national minimum wage
  • Overtime and on-call time
  • Annualised hours contracts
  • Work experience, internships and volunteers
  • Defending minimum wage claims


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