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Collaborative Law – How it can help in your separation

Posted on 25th November 2022 in Family Law

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Rachael Jones

Collaborative Law – How it can help in your separation

As part of our support of Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2022, we are highlighting some of the options available to families outside of the court system.

Along with mediation, collaborative law can be used to discuss issues and problems following your separation.


What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law involves holding direct discussions where each party is assisted by a specially qualified collaborative solicitor. Meetings are held with each party and their solicitor with a view to being honest and respectful to each other and to work together to reach a positive outcome for both parties.


What is the process for collaborative law?

At the first meeting, an agreement is usually signed to ensure that everyone involved is committed to reaching an agreement without going to Court.

If an agreement can be reached, the parties’ solicitors will draw up an agreement to be submitted to Court for approval.


What are the benefits of collaborative law?

The benefits of using collaborative law are numerous, and include;

  • saving time
  • saving costs
  • often results in a more amicable outcome
  • often results in a less stressful separation


Find out more

Head of our Divorce and Finance Team, Caroline Ryan, is a specialist collaborative lawyer and would be happy to discuss this option if you think that it may be appropriate for you. Please contact our family team if you would like to discuss this further.

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